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New England

Golden Mile Sales Associates is a group of dedicated professionals with expertise in health and beauty care and general merchandise sales to all classes of trade in the New England market area. Additionally, we have expanded our responsibilities to include selected food items to the non-food classes of trade..

We have consistently provided our principals with sound and effective sales presentations and follow-up procedures to implement and execute their programs and policies. With hard work and persistence, our mutual objectives become reality. 

Our will to succeed may only be surpassed by our reputation with our customers. Customer service is of the highest priority, for we realize that our job only begins when the sale is made. This business philosophy ensures that our goals, and those of our manufacturers, are met.

Our energies are directed to the following objectives:

1. The attainment of new and broad distribution of your products.
2. Greater in-depth sales/promotions where your products are currently in distribution.
3. To meet or exceed your objectives for the New England marketplace.

Golden Mile Sales Associates looks beyond the traditional concepts and generates plus sales by creating opportunities. We are particularly sensitive to sell the manufacturer's marketing and advertising concepts.